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IMPORTANT: Please make sure you email us at if your name on Facebook is different to the name you joined Soul School with, so we can add you in!

Group Guidelines


Our #SoulTribe community on Facebook is a sacred space intended for jamming on ideas, sharing breakdowns & breakthroughs, getting & giving support, asking the burning questions that you need answered and raw discussions on some of life’s biggest topics


To make it easy for you to find things within the Facebook group, we have put in place the following hashtags, which you can just search within the group to bring up everything on this topic in the one place:

#SOULBITE – FB Live’s where Alexi shares a lesson or takeaway for the week!

#SCHOOLISNOWINSESSION & #BUNDLE– announces the new content for the month

#SOULSESSIONS – when we announce the interview for the month!

#BOOKCLUB – anything related to the book!

#WORKITWEDNESDAYS – A post where you can let us know about your offerings (with your work) and celebrations (your big wins)!

#SOULTALK – Our question of the week to engage and hear from the tribe!

#SOULSTRETCH – usually announced by Alexi on a live or on the worksheet, an activity or thing to stretch you out of that comfort zone!

#SOULCHALLENGE – this is our Challenge of the Month where you can choose to participate to win a Soul Package from Alexi!


Living with SOUL is about living from LOVE—and SOUL SCHOOL is a reflection of that! We are hell-bent on creating a community that is filled with trust, good vibes and great energy—and there is no room for anything otherwise!

This is OUR TRIBE!! It’s our space to show up as our TRUTH—with no mask, no filter, no fear….JUST US. Because I believe that when we begin living from a place of radical transparency, the whole Universe opens up for us!

That being said, my #1 commitment is a SAFE SPACE. If we feel your posts, shares, comments or activity in an accountability group or the facebook group, jeopardizes anyone’s feeling of safety, you will be asked to leave the group, with a refund for your last month of membership with us. (I take this VERY seriously!)

THE GROUP IS SOLICITATION-FREE—no promoting your business or soliciting clients!

We have set up our #WORKITWEDNESDAYS posted within the FB Group where we encourage you to share what you’re up to in your business, any offers you may have or celebrations and wins you would like to share with the tribe. These will be posted WITHIN the comments of the #WORKITWEDNESDAYS post 🙂 As we love to celebrate what all of our amazing members are up to, without spamming the feed!